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A new breed of customer?

I’ve been in my current role for just over a year now and I still have very vivid memories of being interviewed for it by a panel of four head teachers, for an hour and a half. Head teachers are a tough crowd. Put lots of them in a room together and give them the… Read More »

Considering the best way forward for 1-to-1 projects in 2014

I want to consider over the course of this post and the next the reasons why schools are choosing tablets to fulfil their 1-to-1 ambitions and suggest a slight tweak on how this by-now-familiar formula might be improved. Fundamentally, the reason is easily articulated; schools want to bring the undoubted benefits of a really powerful… Read More »

Are conditions finally right for Android to make a significant mark on 1-to-1 education?

A year ago I was in the midst of implementing a 1-to-1 iPad project in a large Academy on the South coast. This followed over a year’s painstaking research, site-visits, pupil consultation and trialling of devices to make sure we made the right decision for our students; we needed to pick the tablet and ecosystem… Read More »

Westminster Education Forum: new technologies for schools (part 2)

<note: coffee-time chat with Niel McLean from NfER about RCTs in education was useful – his view is that they have an important place but must be tightly bounded so that effects can be separated out> Teacher training and development panel David Weston, CEO, Teacher Development Trust ITT entrants typically only last 5 years as… Read More »