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A new breed of customer?

I’ve been in my current role for just over a year now and I still have very vivid memories of being interviewed for it by a panel of four head teachers, for an hour and a half. Head teachers are a tough crowd. Put lots of them in a room together and give them the… Read More »

Do we need new ways of measuring?

Are our current forms of measuring a person’s abilities doing the job we want them to, and might there be better ways to quantify the things about people that we actually really value? I’m going to use an anecdote to explain what I mean. Those readers with a pathological and emetic response to the word… Read More »

Westminster Education Forum: New Technologies for Schools. 9th September 2013 (part 1)

This morning I have been attending the above event at London Bridge. Its pitch is 'the inside track' on government thinking and direction, reflected by the selection of speakers (including those from DfE and the House of Lords). Here's what I learned.   Tom Goldman, Deputy Director, Standards Division, DfE, 'Technology in England's Schools' Tom… Read More »