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What can explain schools’ attitude to technology? (Part 1)

The recent consultations of the DfE with schools and the edtech community have prompted me to think a bit harder about the barriers to the wider adoption of effective technologies in education. They are usually presumed to be (in descending order): Teachers’ resistance to change; Schools’ intense focus on accountability measures; Affordability. #3 isn’t going… Read More »

The role of technology in supporting flexible working in schools

Term by term, the UK schools sector is edging closer to a significant teacher supply cliff-edge. A large segment of the teacher population is approaching retirement, historically low numbers of new entrants are opting for a teaching career, and every year many great teachers give up teaching or leave the UK to practise elsewhere. The… Read More »

It’s a MOOC Jim, but not as we know it

First things first – abject apologies for the hackneyed Star Trek-inspired title. My explanation has two parts: 1) this post is about SPOCs (tenuous, I know) and 2) I’ve been getting into The Big Bang Theory recently, having missed it first time around. Those guys love a Star Trek reference. In my last post I considered whether… Read More »

Why technology will never replace teachers

This blog’s title is a truism which is fairly uncontroversial, but one worth stating & thinking through if your job involves educational technology. It’s a little depressing that debate is often this polarised (with some seeing technology as a threat, not an enhancement). It’s rare that technology evangelists believe that ‘their’ methods are always, irrefutably… Read More »